Developing Chrome Extension or App is extremely easy and what can be developed depends on your imagination and creativity. However, once you have a wonderful application you would like to make it available to wider audience and you can do it by providing locale specific interface.

Google chrome provides very nice interface for achieving this and I will try to explain in brief.

In order to have…

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Weight Tracker - Free Android App on Google Play

Weight Tracker is an app that allows you to daily register your weight while automatically calculating your BMI so that you may track your way towards your goal.

★ Distinct features of Weight Tracker ★
* Simple to use and beautiful interface.
* Easy to add and delete your weight measurements.
* View your progress in easy to understand graph.
* BMI Calculation.
* Metric & Imperial units.
* Enter notes for each measurement
* Long press on weight entry to delete it
* Swipe horizontally to navigate to next screen
* Beautiful widget for home screen, that shows last weight entry, BMI and allows easy weight entry
* Reminder for taking weight input

App saves your data on the device itself, no network access required !


Light Sensor - Free Android App on Google Play

"Light Sensor" is a simple to use app to measure light illuminance in flux as well as foot-candela using ambient light sensor of your device.

★ Distinct features of this light sensor ★
* Light illuminance measurement in lux and foot-candela
* 5 sec timer to allow you to take light measurement
* No battery drainage whether app is running or minimized to background
* Calibration feature to make minor adjustments to measured value
* Fast response time

Accuracy of the light sensor may vary on different devices.
Make sure light sensor is facing the light source to get correct reading.


My Diary: Chrome Extension

Chrome Extension for keeping a personal diary


AngularJS Sample App - BMI Calculator

Designed using AngularJS and Bootstrap CSS.


Mac OSX Maverics is awesome update. Loving it.


Just updated demo application project using MongoDB, PHP, AngularJS and Twitter Bootstrap:

Available on GitHub: http://goo.gl/0ZCibQ

This is a very basic application, and more features will be added as and when required.

Might come in handy for someone…

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Showing EULA in Android App

Some applications require EULA (End User License Agreement) to be shown based on application’s…

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I love OpenCart and its interface, but on a quick note I found editing products/categories etc in admin portal very tedious, especially because I had to scroll horizontally to make sure I am editing the correct row ! I am sure few others also must have…

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